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Earth Meets Fire: Contemporary Ceramics on the Big Island

Congratulations to the Donkey MIll Art Center for hosting an exceptional opening reception for the fabulous exhibition Earth Meets Fire: Contemporary Ceramics on the Big Island. The show is a really good survey of the state of clay on Hawaii Island. Most of the artists came to the event last night with about 80 people sharing stories and food. Love you Donkey Mill! Here's their press release:

Where Earth Meets Fire: Contemporary Ceramics on the Big Island, September 6-October 31, 2014. This exhibition celebrates the wealth of creative talent in the ceramic arts on Hawaii Island. Donkey Mill Artistic Director Hiroki Morinoue and Ceramics Program Director Claire Seastone selected a group of artists who represent both the excellence and the range that characterizes contemporary ceramic arts on the Big Island. Rather than focusing on a single style or movement this exhibition creates a dialog between different approaches from conceptual sculpture to exquisitely crafted thrown vessels to take stock of a varied and lively scene.

Featured artists include Amber Aguirre, Clayton Amemiya, Gerald Ben, Fumie Bonk, Peter Durst, Erik Omundson, Steve Freedman, Tim Freeman, Ron Hanatani, Emily Herb, Kate and Will Jacobson, Tina Jensen, Tim Johnson, Chiu Leong, Monica Mann, Suzanne Merner, Setsuko Morinoue, Gordon Motta, Claire Seastone, Shelby Smith and Carol Zee.

The ceramics program at the Donkey Mill Art Center has long been a gathering place for Big Island ceramic artists. As well as a varied program of adult and youth classes taught by Claire Seastone and Erik Omundson, the program regularly hosts talks and classes by a variety of internationally known artists. Among others, recent visitors have included Beth Cavener, Ken Matsuzaki, Tip Toland, Richard Notkin, Doug Casebeer and Ah Leon. This February we will welcome Artist and Educator Jason Walker, through the generosity of the Laila Twigg-Smith Art Fund. Visit or call (808) 322-3362 for more info.


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