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La Meridiana Workshop July 15-28, 2018

We are so excited to return teaching a workshop at La Meridiana International School of Ceramic Arts. This will be a hands-on workshop exploring surface decoration and naked raku firing techniques. Participants will gain technical ceramics skills, as well as learn to use personal patterns, symbols and images to articulate their understanding of the world. During morning sessions of the first week, the Jacobson’s will demonstrate their methods of wheel throwing, slab construction and sculpting vessel forms, mica clay infusion, and burnishing. Afternoons will be devoted to one-on-one guidance from Kate and Will as students practice technique and explore imagery. Participants will have opportunities to work both independently as well as collaboratively. Excursions into the countryside will involve sketching and photographing images. In this way, we will gain a deeper understanding of how artists create a personal language in order to interpret and create visual manifestations of interior dialogues. The second week actively engages participants in naked raku firings. After Kate and Will demonstrate application methods of various masks, a resist slip and sacrificial glaze, students will glaze and fire their own work. Ample time and materials will be provided for each student to complete several pieces. For students of all abilities.

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