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Artist Statement



Kate and Will Jacobson have been collaborating artists for thirty-eight years. Our Hawaii open-air studio is on a one-lane country road and graced by a huge mango tree and an abundance of tropical flowers. We enjoy a sweeping ocean view and this dichotomy of a natural, quiet environment counterbalanced with dramatic imagery of surf, lava and brilliant skies are evident in our art.


Our current work is inspired by the concept of living in the center of the Pacific Rim. Hawaii is a very elemental island with trembling blue horizons, slowly creeping rivers of lava and starry, starry night skies. There is a continual awareness and respect for the fierce power and tender fragility of life. When you look at our art, you get a glimpse into our world filled with wonder and awe. With growing evidence of how climate change will impact island cultures, we hope to raise awareness and celebrate the beauty and strength of the ocean that surrounds, nurtures and unites us all.


We are widely recognized as the originators of Naked Raku. This firing technique reveals the unadorned, earthly beauty of clay. Another innovative method we are known for is Mica Infusion; using colored mica and terra sigilatta to achieve the shimmering luster of our surfaces. Our work has been exhibited throughout the world, won numerous awards and is included in many corporate, private and public collections.



Studio Locations

2001  to present    Big Island, Hawaii

1989 - 2001           Olympic Peninsula, WA

1973 -1988            Sedona, Arizona


Professional Experience

2018                 Expressive Ceramics, New Zealand National Conference

                              Demo & Workshop, Wellington, New Zealand

2018, 2016        La Meridiana International School of Ceramics,

                              Certaldo, Italy

                          Curators - Earth Elements: Gestures of Mutual Respect                                     Donkey Mill Art Center, Holualoa, Hawaii    

2014                  Artist-In-Residence, Earthskin Muriwai, NZ

                          Taught workshops throughout New Zealand

2012-2015         Hawaii Artist Collaboration

2010-2013         (Kate) Executive Director, Donkey Mill Art Center, HI

1979 to present  Studio artists teaching Naked Raku workshops throughout

                           New Zealand, US and Europe


Selected Galleries

Glyph Gallery, Holualoa, Hawaii

Gupton Gallery, Kona, Hawaii

Volcano Art Center, Volcano National Park


Selected Publications

2018   Revista Ceramica, Tecnicas de la Ceramica, Vivas, March

2015   Aloha Expressionism, de Ette Shafto

2015   Advanced Glazing Techniques, American Ceramics Society

2013   Pottery Making Illustrated, Mastering Mica

2012   Naked Raku & Related Bare Clay Techniques, Lazo

2011   Advanced Raku Techniques, American Ceramic Society

2011   Pottery Making Illustrated, Naked Raku, Sept/Oct.

2010   500 Raku, Lark Publishing

2009   Mastering Raku, Branfman

2009   Raku Firing: Advanced Techniques, Jones

2008   NCECA Guest Lecture Archives

2001   Barrel, Pit & Sagger Firing, VonDassow

2000  Raku:A Practical Approach, Branfman

1997   Resists and Masking Techniques

1992   XIII Biennale Int. de Ceramique D’Art

1992   Ceramics Monthly, February

1989   New York Times, September 7


Select Exhibitions

2018    Eclectic Diversity, Wailoa Center, Hilo, Hawaii

2017    Big Island Clay Exhibition, Hilo, Hawaii

Hawaii Craftsmen Annual Statewide Juried Exhibition,

               Honolulu Museum of Art, Honolulu, HI

2016    Return of the Alala, Volcanoes National Park

            Warm Waters, Four Seasons Hualalai         

2015    Contemporary Crafts Invitational, Wailoa Center, Hilo

            2x4x8 Format Exhibition, Donkey Mill Art Center, Holualoa, HI

           Journey Together, BMW Kona, Hawaii           

           Through the Artist's Eyes, Volcanoes National Park

                 (2) Recognition Awards - Purchased by Hawaii State 

                 Foundation for Culture & Arts for Public Collection

2014    Earth Meets Fire: Contemporary Ceramics in Hawaii,

               Donkey Mill Art Center, Holualoa, HI

2013    Hawaii Craftsmen Annual Statewide Juried Exhibition,

               Honolulu Museum of Art, Honolulu, HI

2012    Sensei & Sensibilities, Holualoa, HI

2011    Hawaii Craftsmen Annual Statewide Juried Exhibition,

               Honolulu Museum of Art, Honolulu, HI

2010    Mastering Raku, Needham, MA

2008    Diamond Head Gallery, Maui

2000    Bainbridge Island Arts & Crafts

1999    Whatcom Museum, Bellingham

1999    St John’s College, Annapolis, MD

1997    Arti Forum, The Hague, Netherlands

1994    Newport Beach Art Museum, CA

1993    Metiers d’Art, Milan, Italy

1992    Chateau-Musee de Vallauris, France


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